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GREG BRISTOL - Human Trafficking of School Aged Children: The Role of the School Resource Officer and School Nurse

Trafficking in Persons (TIP) for the purpose of exploitation is a lucrative criminal activity that is a major public concern in New York.  Few crimes are more abhorrent than child sex trafficking, a crime that is difficult for communities to recognize and address.  Sex traffickers are obtaining boys and girls from our middle and high schools through force, fraud and coercion.  They are targeting runaway children who are 90% likely to end up in the commercial sex trade.  School Resource Officers (SRO) are safety experts, law enforcers, problem solvers, and liaison to community resources and education.  Training SROs and School Nurses on what the signs are of child sex trafficking will significantly increase the number of human trafficking investigations referred to local police agencies that they works with.

Performance Objectives

This two-hour presentation provides students with an understanding of:

  1. What are the 25 forms of human trafficking in the United States?

  2. What are examples of child sex trafficking that have been seen in schools?  

  3. How do traffickers recruit school aged children to perform commercial sex acts?

  4. How can SROs and School Nurses work together to identify child sex trafficking?

  5. What policies, protocols, and partnerships should school administrators have to prevent child sex trafficking in their schools?