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GREG BRISTOL - Identifying Child Sex Trafficking: A Guide for Task Force Members

The purpose of a task force is to target a specific type of crime and those affected by it.  It is impossible for any single agency or organization to respond comprehensively to the problem of human trafficking.  Traffickers range from opportunistic individuals to sophisticated criminal organizations with multijurisdictional activity.  The response to human trafficking is therefore most effective through multidisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving efforts.

This two-hour presentation assists in the development or reorganization of an anti-human trafficking task force.  It provides fundamental guidance for effective task force operations, and emphasizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort of law enforcement officials and victim service providers.  Students will learn how to develop a clear vision, mission, and annual goals of a task force.  

Performance Objectives

This presentation provides students with an understanding of:

  1. How can sexual violence programs, domestic violence programs, public health organizations and law enforcement work together to address human trafficking in their community?

  2. What is the Core Team Model of organizational startups, and what characteristics should members have?

  3. What is the structure of an anti-human trafficking task force?

  4. What are examples of a task force mission statement?

  5. What operational structures for membership work best?

  6. What regulatory agencies and victims service providers should be on your task force?