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GREG BRISTOL - Human Trafficking Investigations by Child Protective Services

Child Protective Service (CPS) Investigators investigate claims of child abuse and neglect.  They have the difficult task of figuring out what happened and predicting what will happen in the future.  Training CPS Investigators on what human trafficking is will significantly increase the number of human trafficking investigations referred to local police agencies that CPS works with. 

Performance Objectives

This two-hour presentation provides students with an understanding of:

  1. What are the 25 forms of human trafficking in the United States?

  2. What investigative techniques can be used CPS Investigators in trying to determine if human trafficking is occurring?

  3. What obstacles must CPS Investigators overcome to identify signs of human trafficking of children?

  4. What resources in New York are available to CPS Investigators who want to learn more about human trafficking?

  5. What screening tools are available to CPS Investigators?

  6. What role do CPS Investigators have in an anti-human trafficking task force?